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Introducing Grand Mama Weaver

Hello!  GrMama Weaver is my new blog page for ladies and children.  I hope you like the page name.  The page name was derived in a kind of a fun and meaningful way.  Firstly, when Orrin, my 2nd grandson had difficulty saying "Grandma", his very sweet attempt came out as "grmamamama".  Immediately, I thought, YES!  Grand Mama!  That is who I am and who I want to be!  So, for my grandchildren this became my preferred call name as their grandmother.


Through the years as a mama, I never wanted "mothering" to end.  But as we all know, if independence is the goal for each of our children, leaving home and seeing them responsibly pursue their autonomous lives does come; and, with it comes the empty nest syndrome with its incredibly lonely sense that mothering has ended much sooner than we truly wanted it to.  However, if we were successful, mothering should really only evolve in a continued healthy fashion.  If we encountered more difficulty in our mothering than we had planned for, mothering may not ever end, but not in the way it was meant to continue.   


Mothering in our later years, should simply enter a new stage with adult children who need us in an entirely different way.  This, I have found to be just as grand as the first round of mothering!  And then, there mothering as a grandmother!  Well, that's a level of grand that only grandmothers understand!  This blog site is for women of all ages who can perhaps use a mother or grandmother's insights.  It's for single women and for young married women and for mothers of growing children of all ages.    

Any way its sliced, once a mother always a mother!  So....Here I am!  Bound to do what I am, in one way or another, as a mother.  As an older Christian woman, today, I am beginning to recognize the wonderful new pathways on which to exercise the drive to nurture and grow others as a "grand" Mama.  My prayer is to better fulfill the command of Titus 2:3, in mentoring younger women in any way that my life experiences can be used to encourage them.  My story has not been a perfect one.  Satan used that fact to discourage this dream.  However, the realities of my failures only serve to help me further the reach and empathy for a broader base of women who may benefit from the truth of what God has taught me through it all. 

I hope you don't mind if I call myself Grand Mama Weaver.  The 2nd inspiration for the name came from my dear husband, who affectionately calls me the "word-weaver" in an appreciation for what he considers a gift of expression.  He has continually encouraged me to find a way to share this talent as a pathway for the wisdom he believes God has given me through a unique history.  All of my life, there's been an inner call or drive to write. It has rang out loudly from within, but did not always manifest itself in a way that seemed wise or loving.  There was much to learn before God could utilize the strong desire.  I was uncertain that it would ever be His will for me to find a venue through which He could use me to communicate my thoughts about His thoughts, in a way that would bring glory to Him, while serving others.  I am sincerely praying this blog site will be an avenue of blessing for many.    

Maybe you need a mother or grandmother in your life.  Maybe not.  Maybe you just need a friend.  Either way.....find this truth here:  God cares.  I care.  We care.  Together we CAN make a difference in our family and in the world!     


My tentative dreams for the site, include the following options for women to choose from for inspiration, encouragement and discussion: 

  • Word-Weaver Blog:  How To Study the Bible, Soul-Winning with your Bible, Biblical Insights and Devotionals, Woman's Biblical Role studies 

  • Wisdom-Weaver Blog:  Emotional Intimacy and communication, Poetry

  • Weaning-Weaver Blog:  Growing Independent Children, Home-schooling Blog

  • Wedded-Weaver Blog:  Joy-Ever-After Godly Marriages  

  • GrMama Weaver's Video Story Time section for children

  • Free-Will Weaving:  A Forum for Women to exchange thoughts, ask questions, ask for prayers, share praise, insights, poetry and scripture, about all to  

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